about us


Incorporated in 2015, Sonitech Smarthomes is a pioneer in manufacturing of Chapati Machines along with other home and commercial appliances. Being an expertise in this field, Sonitech is totally dedicated to design smart products as per new era of automation. We are always strived to remove hindrances by creating customized, innovative and efficient appliances so that life can become modern and easy; and everyone can catch the world by saving time and being automatic. We are also leader in designing customized smart solutions as per customer requirement.

What makes us different:

Apart from our main manufacturing, Sonitech has speciality to design any type of commercial and domestic automation machine on order as per client requirement. At Sonitech, we can also customize any machine as per need. Hence, when you are at Sonitech, there is nothing "unavailable"  or "impossible"!!

What drives us:

Sonitech is here to make every day easier through automation, quality, simple solutions and budgetary control as well. We are connected to future requirements to make life smarter, simpler and healthier.

Unique Selling Points:

  1. 1.Delightful Designs
    2.Customized Solutions
    3.Committed to Quality and budget control
    4.System driven organization
    5.Innovation derived by nature
    6.Connected to future requirements
    7.Authentic Project Design
    8.Expert R&D team to always improve the technology from backend